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Putting up the Christmas lights is a long, dreaded holiday task for many. Wouldn't it be nice to have your lights installed for you, without having to do any work? No tangled wires. No odd hanging lights. And you won't even have to take them down at the end of the holidays. Sounds pretty good right?

At Cloud 9 Window Cleaning, we'll do all that for you.  You can be proud of your home this Christmas with our expert, custom-made light installation. Give us a call using one of the buttons below. We'll take care of the less fun parts of the holiday season — so you can focus on the important things like enjoying time with your family.

5 Day Window Cleaning Rain Guarantee

Custom-made lights for your home

Your new Christmas lights will be made specifically for your home. You won't find any odd hanging lights or excess cord, your lights will fit your home perfectly.

Window Cleaning Resource Association

Next-Day Guarantee

Whether a bulb goes out or a chipmunk chews on your wires, we guarantee that we'll be there to the next business day to fix it for you — at no extra charge.

$1 Million in Liability Insurance

Safer for you & your family

There'll be no need to get up on any ladders in the blistering cold this winter. We'll remove any risk of danger because we'll do all that for you.

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Why should you use a professional to put up your Christmas lights?

When you use us for your Christmas light installation, not only will your home look amazing with your custom-made Christmas lights, but you won't have to worry about them at all during the holidays... or the rest of the year!

If a light goes out, we'll fix it for you the next business day at no charge. When Christmas ends, we'll take down your lights and store them for you until next year. And we only use energy-efficient, commercial quality products so you will get the best-looking lights, whilst saving money on your energy bills too.


Custom-made for your home so your new lights will fit perfectly


Enjoy spending time with your family, we'll even take down your lights & store them for you


Remove any danger from you having to get up on a ladder & do it yourself


We only use high-quality commercial grade lights & decor so your home will look amazing this holiday season

What Our customers say

"What a great experience! They were able to accommodate my schedule and did a fantastic job at a very reasonable price. Thanks again!"

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